Mircea Teleaga

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Mircea Teleaga was born in 1989 in Radauti, Romania.  He studied fine art at Coventry University and is currently working towards an MA in painting from the Slade School of Fine Art. He lives and works in Radauti, Romania and London, U.K.  Mircea was selected by Dinos Chapman for a scholarship from The Sarabande Foundation, which seeks to ensure that the creative talent of gifted students can flourish regardless of financial status.

Mircea writes:

‘I am interested in exploring the history of certain places and seeing how that history could be shown in a painting without the use of narrative. This interest has appeared when I have started finding out that places very familiar and close to me served as both spectator and stage for very problematic issues regarding twentieth century history.

I paint landscapes that bear clear marks of their troubled past. Avoiding a very descriptive or self-explanatory approach, I intend to show distortions or scars in these landscapes. I am exploring these spaces from the point of view of the person who has lived there, not knowing the past events, and juxtaposing this with the point of view of the person who is fully aware.

The most used tool in my work is the metaphor and therefore the subject matter addresses much more than the painting physically describes. The most important elements that feed into my work are the notions of discord, conflict, confusion, lie and illusion. All of them described with the use of a place; a place where they had happened. My work can be considered allegorical and I intend to make the viewer feel all the mentioned feelings, because they are better understood when felt than when explained.’


2014 Loc (solo show)
The Water Plant, Suceava, Romania

2014 Coventry Open
Herbert Museum and Art Gallery

2014 Next Wave (group exhibition)
Royal Birmingham Society of Artists

2014 Coventry University Drawing Prize
Lewis Gallery, Rugby

2014 Painted Thought (group show)

2014 – Exercising Censorship (solo show)
Lewis Gallery, Rugby

2013 Embracing the Unexpected (group exhibition)
The Pod, Coventry

2013 Free Range
The Old Truman Brewery, London

The Sarabande Foundation was established by Lee Alexander Mcqueen, to provide opportunities for creative young people with the potential to push boundaries.

The Foundation assists emerging artists to overcome financial obstacles via scholarship awards, and provides a centre where they can create, study and innovate.  It aims to build a creative hub to provide mentoring programmes, scholarships, subsistence and studio spaces.
67 x 76 cm
Oil on cotton
The Black Tree Burns at Night
The Black Tree Burns at Night
110 x 150 cm
Oil on Canvas
87 x 107 cm
Oil on linen
Black Fire
Black Fire
90 x 140 cm
Oil on Canvas