Nicklin Revisited Limited Editions Collection
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Nicklin Revisited Limited Editions Collection

Reuben Colley Fine Art - Colmore Row
26th January 2016 - 12th March 2016
During the 1950s and 1960s, Birmingham was caught on camera by Phyllis Nicklin, a geography tutor at the University of Birmingham.  Nicklin captured Birmingham at a time of massive change.  The urban environment was being transformed, and new communities were changing Birmingham's demographic profile too.

In collaboration with Brumpic, we have invited our artists to produce new work inspired by Nicklin’s photographs. 
‘Nicklin Revisited’ will feature paintings and drawings by Reuben Colley, Mark Godwin, Danny Howes, Rick Garland, Horace Panter, Mark Lippett, Stephen Earl Rogers, Annette Pugh and Kevin Line.  These artists work in a variety of styles, and have chosen a wide range of subject matter.  Underlying all the paintings is the skill and vision of Phyllis Nicklin herself.  

Paintings by Reuben Colley, Rick Garland, Danny Howes and Horace Panter will be available as signed limited editions.