Reuben Colley - Remnant
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Reuben Colley - Remnant

Reuben Colley Fine Art - Colmore Row
7th November 2017 - 2nd December 2017
Reuben Colley's brand new collection, 'Remnant', celebrates the neglected corners of Birmingham's urban landscape which are destined for demolition, or have already disappeared.  

Born in Hodge Hill, Reuben Colley spent his childhood playing in scrubland between high rise tower blocks, and cycling in the shade of the Aston Expressway.  Over the last 20 years, Colley has firmly established himself within the Birmingham topographical tradition.  In his paintings of the urban landscape, he draws upon some of modern art’s most powerful movements, including impressionism, photorealism and even pop art.  The ordinary, the commonplace, the neglected, the abandoned:  great art can, and should, be made of these things.

'Our surroundings are constantly evolving. Everywhere we look there is evidence of the passing of time. Whilst painting this collection I became interested in what motivates us to do the things we do, to create and destroy. There are remnants of the past everywhere, and there is a story to accompany all of them'.  Reuben Colley

This major exhibition is sponsored by KPMG.
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