Pop Art - Horace Panter 'Americana' signed limited editions

In the 'Americana' series, Horace Panter transforms diners and motels into icons of American life.  The 'Americana' paintings are available as signed limited editions.

Pop Art - Horace Panter Cassettes - signed limited editions

Horace Panter's cassette paintings bring together classic tracks with the studios where they were first laid down.  The cassette paintings are also available as signed limited editions.

Alex Russell Flint - Signed Limited Editions

A range of beautiful signed limited editions of Alex Russell Flint's thought-provoking paintings.

Reuben Colley - My Birmingham

Signed limited editions of Reuben Colley's 'My Birmingham' series.

Reuben Colley - City Living

Signed limited editions of Reuben Colley's paintings of Birmingham City Centre.

Mark Godwin - Works on Paper

Silkscreen prints and acrylics on paper by Mark Godwin.

Reuben Colley - The John Lewis Birmingham Portfolio

Limited editions of Reuben Colley's superb paintings of Birmingham, commissioned by the John Lewis Partnership.

Works on Paper

A feast of drawings, silkscreen prints and signed limited editions. 

Mark Godwin - Abstracts

Mark Godwin's powerful abstract paintings are rooted in landscape, especially the sea and coastline.                                        ...

Reuben Colley - Sutton Park

A selection of Reuben Colley's paintings and drawings of Sutton Park are featured in our summer exhibition.

Summer Exhibition

Our summer group exhibition will open over the weekend of 4th and 5th July.                                                ...

Spring Exhibition

Whilst we prepare for our forthcoming summer exhibition, our lower gallery currently features work by pop artist Horace Panter.   In our upper gallery we are presenting paintings and drawings of Birmingham by Reuben...


The ContempoRary Exhibition starts on Thursday 16th April. This will be a group show featuring  Horace Panter, Mark Godwin, Danny Howes, Cameron Galt Reuben...

Grand Opening Exhibition

March 5th 2015 sees the grand opening of Reuben Colley Fine Art - Colmore Row. The opening exhibition features paintings by Reuben Colley James Byrne Mircea Teleaga Rick Garland Alex Russell Flint Annette Pugh Tony Karpinski A rare...

Tony Karpinski - 'Street Life' Collection

We are proud to present 'Street Life', a collection of paintings by internationally acclaimed artist Tony Karpinski   Over the past 12 months Tony Karpinski has been working on a new series of paintings...

Horace Panter - Cassette Editions

'The first cassette I painted was for a commission for a Christmas card for Teenage Cancer Trust. It was a Sony C60 with 'Christmas Party Tape' written on it. It sold out. Looking through a box of old cassettes I found a tape from...

Reuben Colley - 'City Living' Limited Edition Collection

'City Living' was Reuben Colley's first major collection since being awarded 'Best Painting' at the 2012 West Midlands Open.  The city living paintings have been reproduced as signed limited editions. Each image...

Current Exhibition - America. Reuben Colley

Cape Cod In 2013 Reuben Colley visited Cape Cod as part of a commission project.  Inspired by the landscape, Colley went on to create a new series of  paintings which will be exhibited in a major exhibition in...

Current Exhibition - America. Rick Garland

Urban Landscpaes   Urban Landscapes have always played an important part in Rick Garland's paintings. When first exhibiting with the gallery in February 2010 Garland had just completed a small collection based on a recent trip to...

Current Exhibition - America . Joe Simpson

Across America   In 2012 Joe Simpson visited America, travelling from east coast to west coast, making sketches and gathering reference for a body of work that would become the 'Across America' collection.   Joe Simpson...