Nicklin Unseen, Nicklin Revisited!

Nicklin Unseen, Nicklin Revisited!

RCFA is taking part in an exciting project based upon the recently rediscovered photographic archive of Phyllis Nicklin.  

Alongside the major exhibition, 'Nicklin Unseen', currently on display in Snow Hill Square, RCFA is now working with Brumpic to develop 'Nicklin Revisited', an exhibition of re-interpretations of Nicklin's photographs by Reuben Colley and other RCFA artists.  

A sample of the work being produced was previewed on the evening of 1 October at the launch of 'Nicklin Unseen'.

In 'Nicklin Revisited', each artist will bring his or her individual vision and talent to Nicklin's photographs. 

The full exhibition, 'Nicklin Revisited', will take place in January 2016. Limited editions will also be available, and will feature in our winter exhibition from 30 November 2015.